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 The List of MCLF's staff

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PostSubject: The List of MCLF''s staff   Thu May 14, 2009 6:02 pm

Administrators: [Blue]

josellemae (promoted)
ChristAineXtine (promoted)

Global Moderators: [Red]

swt_anjo559 (promoted)

Mike Charlene Board Moderators: [Pink]

babystarlet (News)(Multimedia)
Betty (News)

"Others" Board Moderators: (Pink)

kimmy_ce (General Chatroom)
forsythia (Twins Chatroom)
Betty (Other Artiste Corner)

Designers: (Purple)


Translators (Peach)



NOTE: This thread will be updated as long as there are changes in the staff list.
members interested to be staffs, please visit "Moderator Application" in MCLF Office to find out more.
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The List of MCLF's staff
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